Welcome to the Dutch Courtesan website of the Department of Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media (TFTI) at the University of York.

This site has been created both to record the preparation and development of the Department’s production of John Marston’s comedy, which will be performed in its largest theatre on 20, 21, and 22 June 2013 and to encourage renewed exploration of the play and of the worlds and traditions from which it sprang.

Fundamental to the achievement of both these goals will be the enthusiastic and skilled participation of a team of student interns from TFTI’s BA and BSc programmes, working together to film rehearsals and interviews, map the production’s growth, and research key aspects of, and puzzles about, the play. (Generous support from the University of York’s Strategic Learning and Teaching Fund has enabled the website’s creation and the special opportunity it offers TFTI’s BA and BSc students to work together on a distinctive and challenging collaborative project.)

An international team of scholars will in addition contribute a series of essays about Marston’s comedy. And, finally, we welcome feedback from users about those essays or any other aspect of the site.

Michael Cordner, Director and Principal Investigator, March 2013

*this page was updated in 2021 to reflect the department’s name change. Elsewhere, references to the department and its programmes are unchanged, consistent with 2013 nomenclature.

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