The Dutch Courtesan

About the author

Dr. Duncan Salkeld is Reader in Shakespeare Studies at the University of Chichester. He is author of Madness and Drama in the Age of Shakespeare (Manchester University Press, 1993), Shakespeare Among the Courtesans: Prostitution, Literature and Drama 1500-1650 (Ashgate, 2012), and numerous articles on Shakespeare and Renaissance drama. Dr. Salkeld specializes in historical approaches to early modern literature, textual studies, manuscripts and palaeography, and theatre history. He works closely with documentary sources to focus on the detail of everyday Elizabethan and Jacobean life, drawing especially the early modern archives of Bridewell and Bethlem hospitals.


Comedy, Realism and History in The Dutch Courtesan

Introduction §1 So full of japes is The Dutch Courtesan that it is unclear whether Marston meant his audience to take any part of it seriously. Relying on quick entrances and exits, plus a number of costume changes, Marston has Cocledemoy dress variously as a barber, a French pedlar, a servingman, a bellman, and a [read more…]