The Dutch Courtesan

Modern Productions of The Dutch Courtesan

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    The Dutch Courtesan is rarely performed on the modern stage. We list here several productions, along with references to reviews and reports [*please note, links marked with an asterisk require institutional log in]. If you know of others, please let us know and we will add it to the list.

    Theatre Royal, Stratford East (1954).
    Dir. Joan Littlewood. Opened 23 February 1954.

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    – Review: ‘Theatre Royal, Stratford ‘‘The Dutch Courtesan’’ BY JOHN MARSTON’, The Times, Wednesday 24 February 1954, p. 12, issue 52864, col B. [image]

    Theatre Royal, Stratford East (1959).
    Dir. Joan Littlewood.

    – ‘A Lesson For The Social Realists The Dutch Courtesan Revived’, The Times, Saturday 25 April 1959, p. 10, issue 54444, col D. [image]
    – *Clurman, Harold, ‘The Timid and the Bold’, The Observer, Sunday 3 May 1959, p. 21. [image]

    Chichester Festival Theatre / National Theatre (1964)
    Dir. William Gaskill and Piers Haggard.

    – *Gascoigne, Bamber, ‘Mixed minorpieces’, The Observer, Sunday 19 July 1964, p.20. [image]
    – *Gascoigne, Bamber, ‘Rarities Restored’, The Observer, Sunday 26 July 1964, p. 25. [image]
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    – ‘An Inhibited Booby’, The Times, Wednesday 14 October 1964, p. 8, issue 56142, col D [image]
    – ‘Is the National Theatre doing its job?’, The Times,  Saturday 28 September 1968, p. 19; issue 57368, col C [image]

    BBC Radio 3 (19 June 1983)
    Adapted by Peter Barnes. Dir. Ian Cotterell.
    Cast: Young Freevill: Martin Jarvis, Francischina: Dilys Laye, Malheureux: Clive Francis, Beatrice: Tina Marian, Crispinella: Elizabeth Proud, Cocledemoy: Alan Rickman, Maister Mulligrub: Roy Kinnear, Caqueteur: John Warner, Tysefew: Michael Spice, Mary Faugh: Kathleen Helme, Holifernes Rains-Cure: Spencer Banks, Mistresse Mulligrub: Ann Beach, Putifer: Peggy Paige, Maister Burnish: Ronald Herdman, Lionell: Stuart Organ, Sir Lionell Freevill: Ronald Herdman, Sir Hubert Subboys: John Livesey.

    The Bear Gardens Museum, Bear Gardens Journey Men, Capital Radio Fringe Festival (1985)

    – ‘The Times Choice’, The Times, Saturday 22 June 1985, p. 20, issue 62171, col A [image]

    Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (1985)
    Dir. Richard Howard

    – *Saddler, Allen, ‘Reviews in Brief’, The Guardian, 9 July 1985, p. 11. [image]

    Man in the Moon Theatre (1990)
    Dir. Vivienne Cottrell

    – *Chunn, Louise, ‘Bulletin’, The Guardian, 13 February 1990, p. 17. [image]
    – *Duncan-Jones, Katherine, ‘Reversing the Roles’, Times Literary Supplement, 23 February 1990, p. 199. [image]

    Mason Croft, Shakespeare Institute Players (1990)
    Dir. Simon Leak and members of the Upstart Theatre Company
    Cast: Philippa Sheppard (Francischina), Anna Lord (Mary Faugh), Brutally Cut (Sir Hubert Subboys), Simon Leake (Sir Lionel Freevill/Caqueter/Holifernes Reinscure), George Larkin (Young Freevill), Kelly Newman (Beatrice Subboys), Mary McNally (Crispinella), Elena Yuan (Putifer), Jim Shaw (Tysefew/Lionel/A Constable), Giovanni Del Vecchio (Malheureux), Paul Bush (Cocledemoy), Anthony Benn (Master Mulligrub).

    Orange Tree Theatre (1992)
    Dir. Sam Walters
    Cast: Caroline Gruber, Caroline John, Amanda Royle, Auriol Smith, Janine Wood, Geoffrey Church, Brian Hickey, Frank Moorey, David Timson, Timothy Watson, Peter Wyatt.

    – *Stringer, Robin, ‘Actresses keeping Richmond Company’, The Evening Standard, 26 August 1992, p. 6. [text]
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    – *‘Cage of discontent’, Times Literary Supplement, 6 November 1992, p. 18. [image]
    – Taylor, Paul, ‘When men of snow have feet of clay’, The Independent, 21 October 1992. [text]

    Melbourne Theatre Company (1993)
    Dir. Roger Hodgeman

    – *Weiniger, Peter, ‘Jacobean romp as broad and bawdy as they come’, Sunday Age, 23 June 1993, p. 19. [text]
    – *Larkin, John, ‘A lusty laugh at the eternal coupling of purity and sin’, Sunday Age, 4 July 1993, p. 7. [text]

    Wimbledon Studio, Comyns Carr and Troupe Theatre Company (2000)
    Dir. Alex Chisolm

    – *Thaxter, John, ‘The Dutch Courtesan; Theatre Review’, The Stage, 13 July 2000. [text]

    Edward’s Boys. CAPITAL Centre, Warwick, Stratford-upon-Avon Guildhall and Dulwich College (2008)
    Dir. Perry Mills
    Cast: Freevill: Oliver Hayes, Malheureux: Owen Hibberd, Caqueteur: Nick Adams, Tysefew: Alex Mills, Mulligrub: Kieran Ford, Cocledemoy: Jack Fielding, Mary Faugh: Matt Cameron, Franceschina: Harry Davies, Beatrice: Jonathan Clowes, Holifernes: Dan Singleton, Mistress Mulligrub: David Fairbairn, Crispinella: Jamie Huyton, Nurse Putifer: Harry Lesser

    Perry Mills and Prof Carol Rutter discuss the boy players.

    Willing Suspension Productions, Boston University (2009)
    Dir. Liam Meyer, Kristin Smith and Matthew Stokes
    Cast: Cocledemoy: Dana Sigmund, Malheureux: Lucas Griswold, Freevill: Allistair Johnson, Francischina: Melody Tran, Mulligrub: Jonathan Deschere, Mistress Mulligrub: Emily Gruber, Beatrice: Emily Brownell, Crispinella: Alia Gilbert, Lionell: Benjamin DeTora, Tysefew: Paul Hansen, Mary Faugh: Emma Snider, Sir Hubert: David Edmon, Putifer: Ariel Stich, Holofernes: Fabiana Cabral, Burnish: Katherine Hendley, The Constable: David Edmon, The Watchman: Daniel Salerno

    Full performance available on YouTube