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A Mad World My Masters – Film | The Dutch Courtesan

The Dutch Courtesan

A Mad World My Masters – Film

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    This production was made possible by the generosity of the Sylvia and Colin Shepherd Charitable Trust

    The Characters

    Dick Follywit – Ryan Lane
    Mawworm – Nick Green
    Falselight – Adrian McPherson
    Limber – Sam Williams
    Greenwit – Jonny Glasgow
    Penitent Brothel – Luke de Belder
    Frank Gullman – Ellie McAlpine
    Fran Gullman’s Mother – Alexandra Darlington
    Inesse – Alex Gordon
    Possibility – Sean Richards
    Shortrod Harebrain – Chris White
    Watchman – Tommy Savage
    Mrs Harebrain – Rebecca Darmody
    Sir Bounteous Progress – Will Edwards
    Gunwater – Tom Holmes
    Audrey – Heather Siddle
    Mary – Rosie Field
    Beatrice – Harriet Cox
    Peg – Sarah Lewis
    Constable – Tommy Savage
    Two Officers – Alex Gordon and Sean Richards

    Every part of the world shoots up daily into more subtlety.
    The very spider weaves her cauls with more art and cunning to entrap the fly.

    Directed by Michael Cordner with Tom Cantrell and Mark Smith

    Set and Costumes Designed by Alex Lowde
    Lighting Designed by Roberto Del Pino
    Set Construction by Roberto Del Pino
    Sound Design by Mariana Lopez
    Music Composed by Odinn Hilmarssoon
    Poster Design by Nik Morris

    Stage Manager –  Josh Hatfield
    Deputy Stage Manager – Rebecca Murphy
    Wardrobe Mistress – Daisy BunyanPress and Publicity – Libby Bennet and Charlotte Clisby
    Production Team – Katherine Bransby, Beth Eustace, Sasha Sullivan and Helen Thompson
    Production Assistant – Charlotte Evans
    Sound Operator – Dan Clements
    Front of House Management – Carole Dove