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Introducing the film of The Dutch Courtesan

§1 We are delighted to be able to make available on the website, as promised, the film of our June 2013 production of The Dutch Courtesan. The filming was carried out at the first public performance, using a four-camera set-up, directed by my television colleague Patrick Titley, and with the sound recording under the control [read more…]

BAFTA Nominated Romeo & Juliet In Performance – University of York and Film Education

The nominations for the British Academy Children’s Awards have been announced, and Professor Michael Cordner’s interactive DVD, Romeo & Juliet In Performance, has been nominated for a BAFTA in the ‘Learning – Secondary’ category. The full list of nominees can be found here. The DVD, designed as an interactive Shakespeare resource for students studying GCSE [read more…]

Interview: Rob del Pino

Rob del Pino is our lighting designer and production manager for The Dutch Courtesan. He joined TFTV from Hull Truck Theatre, where he was Chief Technician. In this interview he discusses his role on The Dutch Courtesan, working with Jan Bee Brown, constructing the set and trying to use at least one of every light [read more…]

Interview: Jan Bee Brown

Our designer, Jan Bee Brown, talks about her work for The Dutch Courtesan. You can also read our profile on Jan Bee, visit her website janbeebrown.co.uk or follow her on twitter

How should we stage neglected plays?

On 2nd July, Michael Billington wrote an article for the Guardian asking ‘Is it OK to rewrite classic plays?‘. Billington’s article, in which he raises concerns about the perceived need to simplify early modern plays for a modern audience, has sparked a heated discussion, but offers our production of The Dutch Courtesan as an example [read more…]

Film: Jacobean Theatre Now

On Friday 21st June, leading theatre critic Michael Billington set the stage for the evening performance of The Dutch Courtesan, discussing the production of Jacobean plays on the contemporary stage in conversation with Dutch Courtesan director Michael Cordner.

Production photographs

Here are a selection of photographs from the dress rehearsal of The Dutch Courtesan     The complete set (896 photos) can be viewed here:

Interviews with cast and creatives

We’ve been catching up with some of those involved in the performances of The Dutch Courtesan to talk about the production’s development and realisation: NEW: Designer Jan Bee Brown on designing the set and costumes

Director’s Blog

In this post is collected a series of notes from the play’s director, Michael Cordner, on the ongoing rehearsal process. Sunday 2 June   Just passed the half-way mark in our short rehearsal period. The first attempt today on the play’s massive final scene, with its extraordinary twists and turns. Putting it on its feet [read more…]

City Comedy and Material Life: Things in The Dutch Courtesan

§1 Take a moment to imagine yourself amongst the audience for this play at the Blackfriars theatre, a few years into the reign of James I. You might be a wealthy merchant playgoer, dealing in the commodities on which London’s prosperity was based and sensitive to the value of things. The city outside the theatre [read more…]