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Interview: Stevie Jeram (Malheureux) and Nick Armfield (Freevill)

Stevie Jeram and Nick Armfield, who played Malheureux and Freevill in The Dutch Courtesan, have just finished their second year in Writing, Directing and Performance at the Department of Theatre, Film and Television. In this interview, they talk with project research associate Ollie Jones about their preparation processes and the performances of The Dutch Courtesan: [read more…]

FILM: ‘Nay, good sweet daughter, do not swagger so’

Here we present two clips in which the actors work on Act 2 Scene 2. At the opening of this scene, Franceschina has learned of Freevill’s engagement to Beatrice and that she now faces not only the loss of her best customer, but her the man with whom she has inadvisedly fallen in love. In [read more…]

FILM: ‘What news from Babylon?’ – First rehearsals with Nick Armfield and Stevie Jeram

In this clip Nick Armfield (Freevill) and Stevie Jeram (Malheureux) have been rehearsing the end of Act 3 Scene 1 for the first time. This film shows the first pacing-out of the scene. Malheureux admits to have been asked by Franceschina to kill Freevill, and that he for a moment did consider it. Freevill accordingly [read more…]