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The Dutch Courtesan site was launched on 15 March 2013 with an initial collection of position papers and resources prompted by John Marston’s play. The website will continue to be developed over the next few months, with new content being added at regular intervals.

The site is designed to inspire an energetic conversation about the play, the comic traditions and social/cultural circumstances which bred it, and the challenges of performing it (and the wider repertory of which it is part) both on the early seventeenth century and  modern stages.  We therefore welcome responses from anyone visiting the site to any of the points raised or issues explored on it.

We would also like the site to be as useful as possible to your research and teaching and welcome any suggestions you may have for improvements.  If you want to leave a short comment, please feel free to use the form below. Alternatively, email us directly at oliver.jones@york.ac.uk.

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