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FILM: ‘Nay, good sweet daughter, do not swagger so’

Here we present two clips in which the actors work on Act 2 Scene 2. At the opening of this scene, Franceschina has learned of Freevill’s engagement to Beatrice and that she now faces not only the loss of her best customer, but her the man with whom she has inadvisedly fallen in love.

In the first clip, Anna Thirkettle (Franceschina) and Katie Macintyre (Mary Faugh) work on an extract early in the scene, while in the second, taken towards the end of the day’s rehearsal, they are joined by Freevill and Malheureux to tackle the longer scene until Freevill’s exit.

Clip one – Franceschina and Mary Faugh rehearse with Mike

Clip two – end of rehearsal run of the first half of (2,2).

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