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Northern barbers and fallen women: The Dutch Courtesan and the 1604-5 repertoire

§1 James Shapiro’s engaging study 1599 encouraged us to think about a single year as a moment in early modern experience that we might zoom in on and unpack in specific ways.[1] If we apply these ideas to a repertoire as opposed to a year, a repertoire stretching across the years of 1604-5, to which [read more…]

‘Go your ways for an Apostata’: religion and inconstancy in The Dutch Courtesan

§1 In Act two, scene two of Marston’s The Dutch Courtesan, a distraught Franceschina turns on her bawd, Mary Faugh, exclaiming: ‘God’s sacrament, ten tousand divels take you! You ha’ brought mine love, mine honour, mine body, all to noting!’ (2.2.6-8).[1] For the audience, Franceschina’s distress is undercut by Freevill’s pre-emptive mocking: in the preceding [read more…]

A Mad World My Masters – Introduction

In 2011 I directed Thomas Middleton’s A Mad World, My Masters with a student cast and production team on the largest stage of the Department of Theatre, Film and Television (TFTV) at the University of York. At its first performance on 23 June, it was filmed, using a four-camera set-up, by a team directed by [read more…]