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Production Information | The Dutch Courtesan

The Dutch Courtesan

Production Information

Introducing the film of The Dutch Courtesan


§1 We are delighted to be able to make available on the website, as promised, the film of our June 2013 production of The Dutch Courtesan. The filming was carried out at the first public performance, using a four-camera set-up, directed by my television colleague Patrick Titley, and with the sound recording under the control [read more…]

Interview: Rob del Pino


Rob del Pino is our lighting designer and production manager for The Dutch Courtesan. He joined TFTV from Hull Truck Theatre, where he was Chief Technician. In this interview he discusses his role on The Dutch Courtesan, working with Jan Bee Brown, constructing the set and trying to use at least one of every light [read more…]

FILM: Building the Set


Here is a time lapse film of the set being built:  



The programme to The Dutch Courtesan is now available:

Interview: Jan Bee Brown


Our designer, Jan Bee Brown, talks about her work for The Dutch Courtesan. You can also read our profile on Jan Bee, visit her website or follow her on twitter

Production photographs


Here are a selection of photographs from the dress rehearsal of The Dutch Courtesan     The complete set (896 photos) can be viewed here:

Interviews with cast and creatives


We’ve been catching up with some of those involved in the performances of The Dutch Courtesan to talk about the production’s development and realisation: NEW: Designer Jan Bee Brown on designing the set and costumes

Interview: Odinn Hilmarsson, Composer


Odinn Hilmarsson is a graduate of the Department of Theatre, Film and Television MA Digital Film and Television Production and works as a freelance composer. He previously collaborated with Michael Cordner on the music for A Mad World! My Masters. In this interview, he talks with project research associate Ollie Jones about the process of [read more…]

Interview: Luke de Belder (Cocledemoy) and Dan Cornwell (Mulligrub)


In this interview, project research associate Ollie Jones talks to Luke de Belder, who played Cocledemoy and who has just completed his degree in Writing, Directing and Performance at the Department of Theatre, Film and Television, and to Dan Cornwell, who played Mulligrub and has now completed his second year. [Film credit: Ollie Jones]

Interview: Katie Macintyre (Mary Faugh)


Katie Macintyre, who played Mary Faugh in The Dutch Courtesan, has just finished her second year in Writing, Directing and Performance at the Department of Theatre, Film and Television. In this interview, she talks with project research associate Ollie Jones about the preparation processes and the performances of The Dutch Courtesan: [Film credit: Ollie Jones]

Interview: Stevie Jeram (Malheureux) and Nick Armfield (Freevill)


Stevie Jeram and Nick Armfield, who played Malheureux and Freevill in The Dutch Courtesan, have just finished their second year in Writing, Directing and Performance at the Department of Theatre, Film and Television. In this interview, they talk with project research associate Ollie Jones about their preparation processes and the performances of The Dutch Courtesan: [read more…]

Rehearsal Diaries


In this series of posts, the project interns track the ongoing rehearsals… Rehearsal: 20th May. Author: Amy-Rhianne Milton Act 1 Scene 1, Nick Armfield (Freevill), Stevie Jeram (Malheureux), Dan Cornwell (Mulligrub) Act 4 Scene 2, Freevill, Malheureux. The play opens as young gallants Freevill, Malheureux, Tysefew and Caqueteur tease the landlord Mulligrub, who, we soon [read more…]

FILM: ‘Nay, good sweet daughter, do not swagger so’


Here we present two clips in which the actors work on Act 2 Scene 2. At the opening of this scene, Franceschina has learned of Freevill’s engagement to Beatrice and that she now faces not only the loss of her best customer, but her the man with whom she has inadvisedly fallen in love. In [read more…]

FILM: ‘What news from Babylon?’ – First rehearsals with Nick Armfield and Stevie Jeram


In this clip Nick Armfield (Freevill) and Stevie Jeram (Malheureux) have been rehearsing the end of Act 3 Scene 1 for the first time. This film shows the first pacing-out of the scene. Malheureux admits to have been asked by Franceschina to kill Freevill, and that he for a moment did consider it. Freevill accordingly [read more…]

Early rehearsals – photos


Rehearsals for June’s production are now underway. Tuesday was spent working with Freevill and Malheureux, played by Nick Armfield and Stevie Jeram, on Malheureux’s overheard soliloquy in Act 1 Scene 2, and with Malheureux and Franceschina, played by Anna Thirkettle, on Malheureux’s wooing of Franceschina in 2.2.

Production Information more posts


20-22 June, 7.30pm, Department of Theatre, Film and Television Scenic Stage Theatre, Heslington East Campus, University of York One of the greatest Jacobean comedies, John Marston’s masterpiece weaves together tales of sexual obsession, clever con-tricks, and radical freethinking into a striking plot which leads two of its characters to the foot of the gallows. diamond [read more…]

Festival of Ideas Events

Alongside the main production of The Dutch Courtesan we are hosting a series of events in association with the University of York Festival of Ideas. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS (please note, the FTR #4 bus no longer operates a shuttle to Heslington East Campus. However, the #44 Unibus service stops directly outside the Department) Jacobean [read more…]

Working with Perry Mills

On Tuesday 4th June, Perry Mills joined us to work with the cast and to share his insight into The Dutch Courtesan. In 2008 Perry directed the play with Edward’s Boys, the company of boys from King Edward’s School, Stratford-upon-Avon, which works on the repertory of the early modern boys companies. Perry later shared his [read more…]

Director’s Blog

In this post is collected a series of notes from the play’s director, Michael Cordner, on the ongoing rehearsal process. Sunday 2 June   Just passed the half-way mark in our short rehearsal period. The first attempt today on the play’s massive final scene, with its extraordinary twists and turns. Putting it on its feet [read more…]

Meet the Cast

  Lauren Moakes – Beatrice Harry Whittaker – Caqueteur Luke de Belder – Cocledemoy Eliza Shea – Crispinella Joshua Allen – Executioner, Master Burnish Nick Armfield – Freevill Anna Thirkettle – Franceschina Stevie Jeram – Malheureux Katie Macintyre – Mary Faugh Lucy Theobald – Mrs Mulligrub Dan Cornwell – Mulligrub Emily Smith – Putifer Sean [read more…]

Profile: Jan Bee Brown

With over 25 years experience working in design, Jan Bee Brown is an established theatre designer, textile artist and freelance curator – skills which she frequently shares with students through lectures and masterclasses exploring costume and set design. Jan Bee describes her role as that of a “visual storyteller”, with her passion centred in the [read more…]

Coming soon…

After a preliminary week mid-April, full rehearsals for the production will begin on 15th May. From that point onwards its progress will be mapped and logged – via film and written reports – by the project’s student interns. They will also interview key participants in its planning and development (including members of its cast, its [read more…]

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